Lecture Weeks

The most innovative feature of our structured doctoral programme are the "geo-Q Lecture Weeks". These are weeks of block lectures in relativity, theoretical geodesy, data analysis or numerical methods, and experimental physics (with changing topics) as well as experimental geodesy and earth science (with changing topics), taking place at seminar hotels in the surroundings of Hannover and in other suitable locations.

Lectures are given mostly by geo-Q senior scientists. We host specialised courses by geo-Q scientists and guest scientists in the lecture week that cover modern topics of various geodesy projects. With this concept, we want to ensure that PhD students obtain a broad level of knowledge that will go far beyond the concrete topic of their project. The second important goal of these weeks is to bring the students of the different research fields and all institute locations together.


geo-Q Lecture Weeks 2015 to 2018


LW 2 June 7-12 IMPRS and U of Glasgow joint lecture week, joined by geo-Q RTG students and staff. Main topics range from laser interferometry, relativity, astrophysics and data analysis.
LW 3Sept. 20-25 IMPRS Lecture Week, joined by geo-Q RTG. Main topics range from laser interferometry to astrophysics and cosmology. New addition of a special course on earth science given by a scientist from the local university was added.
LW 1 March 6-11 The first joint Lecture Week by geo-Q RTG and IMPRS. Main topics include relativity, geodesy missions, satellite designs, laser interferometry, statistics and data analysis.
LW2June 19-24 geo-Q RTG Lecture Week. Topics include geodesy, relativity, satellite designs, atomic clocks and matter wave interferometry. Three special courses on geodesy by guest lecturers were hosted.
LW 3 Sept. 25-30 Joint Lecture Week. Topics include fundamental noise in interferometer, interferometry and its advanced techniques, clocks, atom interferometry, astrophysics and earth science. We hosted special courses by scientists from the local university.
LW 1 April 18-22 Joint Lecture Week. Topics include geodesy, relativity and statistics and data analysis. We hosted a special course on geodesy by a guest lecturer.
LW 2June 11-16 Joint Lecture Week. Topics include relativity, geodesy, atom interferometer, satellite designs, gaussian optics, fundamental noise in interferometer, interferometry and its advanced techniques.
LW 3Sept. 17-22 Joint Lecture Week. Topics include clocks, atom interferometry, satellite designs, and laser interferometry. We host two special courses by local scientists.
LW 1 March 11-16 Lectures: Relativity, Data analysis and Statistics, Experimental topics, Satellite Designs.