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Equal Opportunity and Diversity

geo-Q is committed to Equal Opportunity and we do not reduce it to the usual gender question, but instead understand that it is a much wider and richer subject than is usually understood. Particularly, in our case, it includes questions of equal opportunity in a culturally diverse environment. geo-Q is committed to attract female scientists to its field on all career levels, and supports the fostering of a family-friendly working environment in the participating institutions, including dual career offers. This commitment of geo-Q is embedded in a strong equal opportunity and diversity policy that Leibniz Universität Hannover pursues.

Scope and Mission

Our Equal Opportunities Committee is supported by the Equal Opportunities Office of our university and oversees equal opportunity and diversity issues within the programme and addresses specific issues with the dedicated measures including the following topics.



Gender equality at all career levels

We make use of existing supporting systems as well as create our own systems for especially girls in science, female BSc and MSc students, Female PhD students, female PostDocs. For details.

Equal opportunity, diversity and family support

Our equal opportunities work also focuses on our family service and diversity management. We aim to improve working and studying conditions and to create an atmosphere for working and studying that is free from prejudice and discrimination. For more information.