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Curriculum - a specialized interdisciplinary education

To ensure a high-quality and comprehensive graduate education in all aspects of relativistic geodesy and the underlying physics, we strive to find the optimum compromise between more traditional hands-on individual PhD experience, and the best elements of structured doctoral programs. We introduce innovative features into our traditional style of education. --> For more. The curriculum of our structured doctoral programs combine the three pillars of our education in our structured doctoral program, specialized lectures offered regularly at Leibniz Universität Hannover, specialised lectures by geo-Q scientists and lecture weeks. These are three weeks of block lectures at a remote and nice location, and it has become the key element of team building excercise. --> For more. In addition we offer various successful transferable skill seminars





Learning on-the-job

Our PhD students receive the time-honoured way of learning on-the-job by working as independent researchers with colleagues and peers. --> More on our traditional education

Tailored lectures

All of our PhD students deepen their expertise by attending specialised lectures given by geo-Q scientists at various occasions on one hand, and learn basics of all involving fields including outside of their own expertise by attending our lecture weeks. --> For more on lecture weeks

Group experiences and transferable skill education

Our wide selection of transferable skill seminars cover complementary skills important for a career in academia as well as outside the academic world. In addition through our lecture week our PhD students learn how to work with a team. --> For more on transferable skill seminars