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Scope and Missions - Science, Engineering and Education

The RTG provides a broad education to PhD students both in experimental aspects of relativistic geodesy, gravimetry and quantum sensors as well as in theory. This is achieved by combining learning on the job with our three pillars, specialised lectures regularly given at our university, special courses given by geo-Q scientists, and lecture weeks. We make this unique interdisciplinary education programme specifically tailored to the needs of a future generation of geodesists having expertise in relativity and quantum optics, an emerging field that requires a specialised interdisciplinary education not to be found in an integrated fashion like this anywhere in the world.

Specialised lectures regularly given at University

Our PhD students can take lectures on various theoretical and experimental geodesy topics as well as modern topics of satellite missions, and theoretical and experimental physics topics.

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Special courses given by geo-Q scientists

Intensive geodesy lectures are given during our Lecture Weeks, as well as various internal working group meetings on Satellite Gravimetry, Terrestrial Geodesy, and Common Technology Platform offer ample opportunity for learning geo-Q specific topics.

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Lecture Weeks

Our goal is that experimentalists learn basic knowledge in the 
theoretical fields and theorists 
learn the basics of the experimental
fields. The second important
goal of these weeks is to bring
the students of the different research
fields and all institute locations
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