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Advanced Challenge 2

This challenge is very similar to the advanced challenge 1. The only difference is the inclusion of the Laser Ranging Instrument (LRI) data as an additional data stream for GRACE Follow-On mission. The structure of the LRI data files are similar to the KBR files, but it contains two additional observations of pitch and yaw angles. The advance challenge 2 targets official GRACE data processing centers and groups that already have their own softwares to process GRACE like data products.

Simulation Strategy

For each instrument, first the error-free observation was generated, and then the errors including instrument noise, bias and scale were applied to each instrument observation. The gravity field model and its maximum degree used in the orbit integration as well as the noise models used to corrupt the data remain hidden. The figure below illustrated the simulation scenario including the LRI data.




We've found a bug in the data and will update the data as soon as possible.

Data Set Overview

Data setgeo-Q Advanced Mock Data Challenge 2
Release Date2017-05-22
Projectgeo-Q Project B04


Submit Your Results

Submit your estimated spherical harmonic coefficients at the submission site by uploading your text file.

Use the following file format for the spherical harmonics coefficients: ICGEM gravity field model

Please also take note of the order in the degree and order columns L and M and add all information concerning your results including processing strategy, constraints, constants etc. in the file header.